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Noah's Ark Found! (Not!)

Noah's Ark

No ark, itʼs another lie:

But creationists keep supporting “searches for the ark” in order to lie in favor of a biblical fairy tale. Even liberals defend the biblical fairy tale that God killed nearly every animal, plant and human on earth. What a wonderfully meaningful tale that even liberal Christians support as “Scripture.” Though if any infinite Being really wanted to kill people offending him, surely he could find a way to intelligently target those exact people, instead of using a sledge hammer on a rose bush just to kill bugs, or use a guillotine to remove a mole from oneʼs neck. The “all-annihilating God” in that story doesnʼt sound like he designed anything except ancient Near Eastern temper tantrums. So, when someone says they believe the Bible is inspired they are picking and choosing like in a cafeteria, which passages and depictions of God they think are more important and which less so. What a great admission on their part! If there are any “words of God” in the Bible itʼs up to liberal Christians to tell other people which those are. Nice humanistic job. But it applies to any and all books, not just the Bible. Look for the best in every book and every person. But also look out for nuts. Use your better judgment as built up over a lifetime of interacting with others and reading. Thatʼs all the “revelation” any of us every really receive, and all that each of us relies on every day. We each make our own decisions based on everything that weʼve been exposed to and learned throughout our lives. There is no “revelation.” We decide which word sin any book are inspiring or not.

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