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8 Questions for Intelligent Design advocates

Eight Questions for Intelligent Design advocates

If the cosmos was “meticulously” designed (rather than cobbled or tinkered together) to produce living things…

  1. Why are so many planets and moons devoid of life?

  2. Why do living things die? In other words, life appears to be merely in equilibrium with death.

  3. Why do only a minimum of fertilized eggs of all species survive to sexual maturity? And only a minimum of the survivors successfully mate?

  4. Why did life evolve in the direction of life feeding on life? (Though humans are no longer hunted by large carnivorous animals, they remain the main foodstuff of many species of bacteria, viruses, single-and-multi-cellular parasites—especially human children, which remain prone to many childhood diseases, and the same is true of the young of all species, not just humans.)

  5. Why are evolutionary arms races so common? Species compete to eat other species and/or avoid being eaten. Or they hide inside other species, finding relative safety there. In fact parasites remain the most common species of all, since there are many species of parasite for each non-parasitical species, including parasites that live on other parasites, even viruses that invade other viruses.

  6. Why do the majority of species that split off from the rest simply become extinct? Why do the numbers of dead-end species far outnumber the ones that survive?

  7. Why does nature occasionally hit the reset button and enormous numbers of species become extinct at the same time?

  8. If every species has well designed mechanisms for adaptation, why does only one mosquito out of zillions survive DDT? Why does only one malarial parasite out of zillions survive anti-malarial drugs? Why does only one E. Coli out of zillions, when kept in containers with high citrate concentrations, evolve the ability to semi-digest citrate?

Additional Questions: “Nature contains a limited number of “odd survivors,” including a few phyla with only a handful of living members. Do Intelligent Design proponents have an explanation for such data?

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