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Leaving the Fold : A Few Brits Discuss Their Experiences and Reasons for Leaving the Fold after having tried to defend and promote Christianity

Paul Wright

Paul Wright

gjm11 is someone Iʼve known for years, initially through the uk.religion.christian newsgroup, and then through LiveWires. Heʼs a very clever man. Since my own loss of faith, Iʼve sometimes wondered about the very clever people I know who are Christians (gjm11 among them), and how they manage to sustain their faith in the face of (what I see as) the serious intellectual flaws in Christianity.

Unbeknown to me, gjm11 had been thinking hard about it for a while, and recently announced that he is no longer a Christian. He has an essay on the web where he outlines some of the main reasons for his deconversion. The enormous thread on uk.religion.christian which followed his announcement is, I think, interesting to anyone who wonders about how people get, keep and lose faith.

Gareth McCaughan

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