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To Christians/Muslims Who Disliked The Last Episode Of “Lost”


If you didnʼt like the end of Lost, what makes you so certain that youʼre going to love all the attempted resolutions at the end of this worldʼs final season? You think a single lifetime, less than a micro-micro-micro-blink in time, decides what happens to people for all of eternity? That this life is where the most vital action for all eternity takes place? In this life we are surrounded by clouds of unknowing, clouds of ignorance and prejudice, emotion and fears, and, have to care for our physical selves as well as family and friends, and care for our physical and mental health, with little time for study. Is this really a place where we can be expected to make the best decision that will decide our eternal fates? And then once this pitifully short life is over, after we suffer through a couple decades of ignorance, controversy, prejudice and fear in a world where we canʼt see behind the metaphysical curtain (without seeing heaven or hell), then eternity begins? So eternity is like one long drag on an eternal cigarette after all the action in bed is over, since you believe THEREʼS NO DECISION for all eternity that will ever come close to the “all or nothing” bets we place here and now, living on this pitiful and pitiless floating life boat in space for just a couple decades?

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