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Welcome to the World of Christianity (by Harry McCall)

Divine Mystery

As a Christian, you are now following the supreme God who created the universe. The main facts you need to know are these:

Your God is omnipotent (Having unlimited power and authority).
Your God is omnipresent (He is present everywhere).
Your God is omniscient (Having total knowledge).
Your God commands billions of angels of which just one could destroy the world.

As a Christian, you are part of a large and diverse group totaling over 2.1 billion members that has a worldwide budget that totals approximately one half of a trillion dollars.

Satan (a fallen angel) is your main and only adversary who leads a small rag-tag army (1/3 the size of Godʼs) of fallen angels (demons).

Satan has limited power (Only what little control God gives him).
Satan has no earthly members (Just a few “Dabblers”).
Satan has no budget.

And yet…

According to Godʼs own word, the Bible (especially the Book of Revelation), God, with all the above supreme attributes, is losing a battle He created and even sacrificed His only begotten son to win.

For instance, most of humanity will one day stand before your God at the Great White Throne of Judgment to “give an account” of why they as mortal sinful creatures with limited understandings, screwed up, and then they will be cast into a Lake of Fire (whose smoke rises forever), i.e., blamed for their loss of innocence and (and/or their great great great ancestorʼs loss of innocence) for all eternity.

How Are We To Make Sense Of All Of The Above?

It is a divine Mystery. (A theological term employed by the Catholic Church to depict the lack of understanding we mere mortals have of Godʼs ways.)

Harry McCall (former ministerial student, whose testimony appears in Leaving the Fold: Testimonies of Former Fundamentalists)

P.S., Liberal Christians and universalists may disagree with some of the above “welcome” statements, however, Christian philosopher Victor Reppert at his blog, “Dangerous Idea” has tangled with the question of how a finite being like Satan could be racking up so many souls compared with God who has an infinite amount of resources and wisdom as His disposal.

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