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Largest religious bodies -- listed by number of adherents

Largest religious bodies, 2004

Largest religious bodies — listed by number of adherents

May 20, 2004

(The Southern Baptists have some catching up to to do. — E.T.B.)

Religious Body Number of Adherents

Catholic Church** 1,050,000,000

Sunni Islam* 900,000,000

Eastern Orthodox Church* 225,000,000

Jinja Honcho* 83,000,000

Anglican Communion* 73,000,000

Ethiopian Orthodox Church 35,000,000

Assemblies of God* 32,000,000

Evangelische Kirche in Deutschland (EKD)* 27,400,000

Sikhism 23,000,000

Juche (North Korea) 19,000,000

Jehovahʼs Witnesses** 15,374,986

Southern Baptist Convention* 15,000,000



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