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Edward T. Babinski and Victor Reppert

  • Philosophical Problems of Knowledge and Communication
    Flaws in philosophizing about the Big Questions. The ‘God’ knowledge appears relatively more ‘hidden’ than the knowledge about the cosmos we all live in together.

  • Which “God” Should A Classical Theist Believe In?
    Beliefs which are prevalent among believers in God.

  • Gospel of John in American Evangelicalism
    Questions raised are not new, and arise whenever students and scholars of the Bible compare the three synoptic Gospels with the Gospel of John.

  • The Da Vinci Code, Fiction and The Gospels
    A look at the Da Vinci code, the early gospels, and writings of Erasmus.

  • Question of Evil
    Hereʼs to personal hope there is more than just mortal life with its pains and then death, however one does not need to construct ‘philosophical proofs’ in order to entertain basic questions concerning ‘why’ the cosmos is the way it is.

  • Problem of Evil
    Questions like these which Christian philosophers have never really dealt with, and tend to flee them reaching a nice quiet corner of huge generalizations resembling pious platitudes.

  • The Problem of Evil
    Question of why a God of own will, power, knowledge, goodness, perfection and goodness creates a cosmos filled with pain and death.

  • Non-Exclusivism, Universalism, Evil, and, Philosophy As One Big “IF”
    Americaʼs leading Evangelical Christian philosophers are more attracted to ideas of ‘non-exclusivism’ than are Americaʼs leading Evangelical Christian theologians, the latter of whom spout relatively more exclusivistic views based on a stricter linguistic interpretation of the Scriptures.

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