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Sedimentation - Lamination Experiment

Lake Suigetsu

Lake Suigetsu in Japan even had each layer individually carbon-dated, and each layer as you descended was older than the one above by approximately one year, going back 45 thousand years:

Lake Suigetsu and other important data about lake varves

Ice Cores

And speaking of “layers,” forget about varved lakes because there are ice cores with layers of ice going back even further than 45 thousand years:

Cetacean Folly, Whales with Hind Limbs

[you have to scroll down the above article to get to the discussion about Ice Cores]

Lamination Experiment

“Cordova: Here are experiments carried out in the lab. This lamination took a matter of minutes:”

Comments On Guy Berthault's Experiment

Guy Berthault's experiment, above, does not invalidate that layers can be laid down more slowly, as slowly as one layer per year as observed in modern day lakes in Europe and Japan were varves are observed being formed.

Greenriver Formation

In geological formations containing millions of layers like the ancient fossil lake deposits of the Green River formation you can find the markings and prints of reptiles, water fowl, and mammals at different sedimentary horizons, showing they walked around the lake's ancient shores, not to mention the fossilized nests of the ancient water fowl found along the shore lines.

Berthault's Failure To Invalidate Modern Geology

For more details about Berthault's failure to overturn modern geology read the articles, further below, several of them by a professional geologist who was a former young-earth creationist Christian who wanted an earth as young as possible, but who became an old-earther instead.

Speaking of former young-earth geologists, I personally know three former young-earth geologists who became old-earth geologists, one even studied with John Morris of ICR, and there is even an association of old-earth Christian geologists linked with the Evangelical Christian American Scientific Affiliation (visit the ASA website). Compare that with the fact that both young-earth groups, ICR and AiG, only list 8 degreed geologists (with either a Ph.D. or an M.S.) on their websites.

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