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Facebook Metatags for Blogger
Twitter Metatags for Blogger
Twitter Metatags for Website (placed above </head>)
Facebook Metatags for Website (Passes Facebook Validation)
Facebook Metatags for Website (Passes WC3 Validation & placed after <body> tag)
Standard HTML5 Metatags
Related Content (and Minified)
Temporary Document
Temporary Document (with Facebook Query)
Google Embed
Disqus Embed
Temporary Document II (Embed)
Fetch FB Stats
DOM Iframe Info

These social media/website metatags and formatter for facebook style previews are for our personal, non-commercial use but if people locate this page via search engine, they're welcomed to use it too. I make no guarantees how well it works, all the time. The Twitter & Facebook metatags do work for our blogs and web sites. This jquery script works for me most all the time. Some times after overloading my processor I have to clear my browser cache or reload the page. I have best luck, pasting the URL and pressing [DEL] on keyboard (Windows 7). I downloaded the script that skims pages utilizing jquery from this link. You can too, and upload to your own server for your personal use. ((I used Firebug to figure out how to create a FB-style preview template stub from scratch (my preferred desktop HTML5 editor that will teach user HTML5 standards) and HTML5 validation online & here's a validator that creates a helpful “Repaired HTML”.)) CSS by “this”. Good luck!

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