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Ed Conrad's “Man as old as Coal”

“Ed Conrad”
If Established Science is correct about the age of coal, man found between anthracite veins — the oldest coal — would have existed 280,000,000 years ago — give or take a few million years.
If Established Science is dead wrong about the age of coal — that it instead was formed multi-millions of years more recently — then man is still older than the teensy-weensy animals from whom you evolutionists claim we evolved.
Ed Conrad - Man as Old as Coal

Edward Babinski: Ed Conrad thinks he has found human bones in coal dating back to the Carboniferous?

Iʼm not interested. Geologists have known for several centuries that the geologic and fossil record is not as mixed up as Ed dreams it is.

Right down to microfossils being in distinct layers, right down to fossil fragments being in distinct layers. Right down to coal and chalk deposits in Great Britain not being mixed together, but in distinct layers. Right down to certain species of coral found only above other species, never below them. Right down to certain species of mollusks, no matter what their relative sizes, being found only above other species, never below them. Right down to places on earth where representative sediments and fossils from ten or more distinct geological ages are found in the exact predicted order. Yes, there are places on earth like that, rocks representing all of those ages in the exact order. In other places where the rocks only represent a few ages, they again are in the expected order. And so forth. In most cases the only differences are that in-between sequences of the rocks were not laid down so they are absent, or they eroded away before the sequences above them were laid down. The fact is that the geologic record defies “flood geology” explanations. It is a lot of discrete layers in a specific order, right down to microfossils and fossil fragments (Ed Conradʼs rocks and pieces of coal only resemble the shapes of genuine fossils, they are not fossils however, and he seems to be one of the few people in all the world who is capable of finding such oddities, oh, along with Carl Baugh, the Paluxy “man print” salesman. Other young-earth creationists have moved out of the business of trying to “sell” the Paluxy “man prints” as genuine human footprints alongside dino-prints, and that includes ICR and AIG, the two largest young-earth creationists organizations in the world, heck, if Ed Conrad canʼt sell those organizations his oddly shaped rock concretions as “genuine out of place mammal fossils,” them he sure as hell is never going to sell his rocks to the rest of the geologically informed world of scientists.

Ed Conrad has even been chastised for his pseudoscientific tomfoolery by Kurt Wise, a Harvard trained paleontologist and young-earth creationist.

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